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Book 2 in the series.

A terrifyingly good adventure filled with magic, mystery and laugh-out-loud moments.
- - -
Grandad is often guilty of blurring the lines between fiction and reality. But as he spun Amy around and placed a trembling hand on her shoulder, he was serious and straight-faced. He stared intensely and, without blinking, whispered,
“I’ve seen things that you can’t imagine, things that cannot be unseen.”
“What have you seen?” she gulped.
“Beasts, my love, there’s a world in The Reflection filled with beasts!”

Amy is not your typical eleven-year-old girl. She possesses animal abilities, night vision, strength, speed, and invisibility. And she will need all of them, and her best friend, Jamie if she is to solve the latest mystery and succeed in a world within the mirrors.

The Animal in Amy's Mirror (signed + bookmark)

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